Twins life replica watches recommended

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Whether it’s a business trip or a couple of foreign lovers, a few or more than a dozen hours will
remind you that you’ve arrived in a foreign country. Shuangcheng life has become the norm of many
people, transportation, communication is very convenient, the only thing you need to have is a two-
time function of the watch, so you Cheap Replica Watches anytime, anywhere on the other’s time well known. Today, the
watch house editor will recommend three when the two watches.

Cheap Replica Watches

Cheap Replica Watches

Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER series W1556240 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 184,000
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch the thickness: 11.96 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: 18K rose gold
Waterproof: 30 meters

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Cartier dual time zone watch exquisite and beautiful design makes the watch even more precious, it
is suitable as a gift for exotic lovers. This watch 18K rose gold case diameter of 42 mm, thickness
of 11.96 mm. Silver dial guilloche dial Roman numerals on the dial in order, 12 o’clock position
with a large calendar display window, 3:30 position with day and night display, exotic contact
before, raising his hand to see Luxury Replica Watches a watch on the day and night display, Avoid unnecessary bother. 6
o’clock position with small seconds dial, 10 o’clock position with a second time zone jump pointer
instructions. Watch crown for the groove type, inlaid with a convex sapphire. Rotonde de Cartier
watch case as a precious jewelry box, carrying the field of advanced watchmaking Cartier advanced
movement, this watch equipped with Cartier 1904-FU MC-type workshop refined self-winding mechanical
movement, can be Through the transparent crystal sapphire crystal back to enjoy.

Cheap Replica Watches

Cheap Replica Watches

Parmeney Tonda series PFC231-0001800-HA1442 watch

Domestic price: RMB 195,000
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch the thickness: 11.15 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 30 meters

Swiss Replica Watches

This Tonda Hémisphères watch is Parmigiani specifically for the Twins live travel party special
build. Watch movement inside the unique design, integrated two independent movement, a drive, a
follow-up, to achieve the perfect time synchronization between the two places, the time difference
between the two can be accurate to the minute, which in two places Watch is a leap in the
breakthrough. The watch movement is controlled by two separate crowns: a crown for winding movement
and for adjusting the date and time of the main time zone; the other crown at the top is used to
adjust the second time zone minute. This section of the watch’s blue steel semi-hollow spherical
scrub the edge of the dial decorated with Swiss Replica Watches black rhodium-plated label, when the pointer covered with
luminous coating. There is a second time zone dial at the 12 o’clock position in the dial and a day
and night display at the second time zone at 3 o’clock. There is a small seconds disc at the 6
o’clock position. There is a day and night display at the center of the small dial. Watch with
Hermes black crocodile leather strap and folding clasp, even if the travel is also comfortable and


Vacheron Constantin and rhyme series 7810S / 000R-B141 watch

Watch diameter: 40 * 49.30 mm
Watch the thickness: 11.43 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: 18K rose gold

Replica Watches China

Vacheron Constantin watches both when travel or dating, are a symbol of elegance. From the beginning
of the design of the case to abandon the traditional invariant circular case, but with 18K 5N pink
gold to create a pillow-shaped case. Pillow-shaped case with round dial, the dial edge decorated
with orbital scale and Arabic numerals, 4:30 position with a second time zone dial, 7:30 position
with day and night display, the two time can be Clear and accurate reading. The watch is equipped
with a 2460DT self-winding movement that Replica Watches China has been polished and decorated in Geneva, providing
approximately 40 hours of power storage. Even if the two time display at the same time, Vacheron
Constantin still maintain an elegant gesture, dial design simple and elegant, through the day and
night display time to the two time well known, elegant and practical.

Summary: Twins life is a modern life in a way of life, the famous Japanese writer Honda straight in
his work which introduced his year in half a year in Tokyo speech, half a year in Hawaii surf,
writing comfortable twin city life. Riding the Twins life may occasionally be tired, but whether it
is work or dating to always maintain elegance, when you watch the two cities at a glance.