Breitling Transocean Chronograph 1915 Replica Watches

I mentioned that many watches really did not attract my attention, because they just think my taste is too messy. Similar to the Transocean series, this seems to have changed a lot. I really like the appearance of Transocean 38, and the new Breitling Transocean Replica Watches Chronograph 1915 looks the same.

No, it does not mean that I have changed the position and will wear a variety of chronographs – I still feel that this complexity is limited for my own use cases. That is, if you are going to wear a chronograph, the Cheap Breitling Replica is definitely a very elegant way. The dual combination layout is very balanced and triggered by a single button.

Well, yes, just a button to start, stop and reset. This back to 1915, when Breitling from the creation of pocket watch to the production of watches. That is, they decided to separate the crown and putter function, positioning it at 2 o’clock position. Although some improvements have been made after the initial model, there is no doubt that the 1915 model was also a special place in the Breitling Replica catalog.
Given that it is now the original 100 years, Breitling will be in the form of Breitling Transocean Chronograph 1915 to commemorate the model is justified. Although we wrote the first Transocean is a bigger touch, but 43mm of the situation should still be able to manage the watch only 1,915 pieces, the watch by the Breitling Caliber B14 powered, this BEHRINGER movement B14 is hand-wound, and With COSC certification.

In terms of modeling, Cheap Replica Watches absolutely has this ancient atmosphere. Dial for silver, with “ancient” tone of the luminous figures. I know they placed the timer recorder so that the numbers were not cut off by them; unfortunately, the date window did not manage the same feat. Speaking of these registers, you will notice that one is a small second and the other is a 30 second timer.
Although you have the option to put the Breitling Replica Watches on a leather strap, I prefer the grid bracelet option that appears. Whether you choose to watch straps, I think the Breitling Transocean chronograph 1915 is doing well and can capture the feeling of the original model while providing something that meets the modern tastes; pricing has not yet been announced.

Brand and Model: Breitling Transocean Chronograph 1915
We think it might be: you like your wine, you like your chronograph
According to what I see, will I buy one for myself? : Although I like the Transocean series, but chronograph is not for me.
If I can make a design suggestion, that is: the date window and the 6 o’clock number of the interaction need to be corrected – either completely deleted 6, or do not cut off.
Most of the people who care about this watch said to me: how it managed to capture the original look and feel of the 1915 watch